Using Telkomsel Credit Now You Can Play Online Poker Gambling at IDN Poker Agents

Now wanting to play online gambling is really easy.

Especially if you want to play online poker gambling, indeed as we know, online poker gambling games use real money to play, but now it’s very easy if we want to play.

Even with credit capital, we can play real money online poker gambling, and we can still cash the money into our personal accounts when we win playing.

But not all online poker bookies or gambling agents can provide services like this, only IDN Poker bookies provide services to play using credit capital.

How interesting, right? out there there are lots of people who want to try playing real money online poker gambling at this time, judi poker deposit pakai pulsa but not many can play because of obstacles when they want to make a deposit.

Generally, for online poker gambling deposits you can only use bank transfer services, and the destination bank is only a few, and it also makes it difficult for players who want to play online poker gambling to make transactions because that is the only service.

And examples of obstacles that occur when making a deposit with a Bank transfer service such as, for example, the balance runs out, or there may be a disturbance on the bank’s server, or maybe the destination bank at an online poker gambling agent is different from what we use, making it more difficult to deposit.

However, if you choose an agent or site from IDN Poker, depositing via credit is possible and easy, and for this service, you can make a deposit via the Telkomsel operator.

One of the advantages that you can get if you deposit using credit is, there is never a disturbance when transferring your credit, as long as there is a signal, everything will be smooth, especially the operator used here is the Telkomsel operator, it is definitely easier to deposit and fast .

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Then how do you deposit via Telkomsel credit to play online poker gambling at IDN Poker agents?

There are several ways you can make a deposit from the Telkomsel operator to play online poker gambling.


1. Open the SMS menu on your cellphone.

2. Type TPULSA (space) for the nominal pulse to be transferred.

3. Send this SMS to the destination Telkomsel number where you want to transfer the credit.

Via Dial

1. Open the call menu.

2. Type * 858 * credit transfer destination number * transfer nominal #

3. Press Ok / Dial / Call.

4. Confirm.

Through the MyTelkomsel application

1. Open the MyTelkomsel application.

2. Access the Gift menu.

3. Enter the number to which you want to transfer the credit.

4. Select Transfer Credit.

5. Select the desired payment method.

6. Enter the OTP code.

7. Receive transaction notifications.

So that’s more or less the method you can use to make a deposit via Telkomsel credit transfer to play online poker gambling on the IDN Poker gambling site.

And you only need a small capital, which is a minimum deposit of IDR 10,000 to play using credit at the IDN Poker Agent you choose to play with.

Then for services using credit transfer to play, you will only be charged a 20% discount, it’s quite small, so you won’t feel like there’s a discount in your balance, so you don’t even play it.

You can enjoy playing online poker gambling services by using credit only on the official IDN Poker site, so make sure first where you want to play before depositing.