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Baccarat is a card gambling game that is one of the most popular bets for players. Where this live baccarat bet compares the 2 cards in the Player and Banker hands. The position that has the highest card or point (9) is the highest score. This game runs 4 types of bets at once using the results of the value of the cards that have been dealt, the types of bets are Player – Banker, Tie, Player Pair – Banker Pair and Fortune Six.

All players have the same opportunity, will be given a choice of bets that you choose without coercion. And players can also play all bets available in the same round at once. The main purpose of this bet is to place a bet on the position between the player or banker that you believe will have the highest value (9). Through this page, Depobos will explain in full how to play online baccarat gambling.

Want to know how to play baccarat gambling? On this page we provide how to play and strategies for winning. And you are still hesitant to join and choose Depobos agent? Through this page we will make it easier for you to determine the right and trusted Judi Online Baccarat.

How to Play Online Baccarat Gambling
The baccarat game at the beginning with a dealer who will distribute cards in the Player and Banker positions. The first round of cards will be dealt 2 cards in both positions. There is the addition of a third card but according to predetermined rules and will be explained below. Just like playing blackjack, jacks, queens, kings and 10s will be counted as 0, and the ace cards will be counted as 1.And if the card value exceeds 10 like 18 then it will be counted by subtracting the value of 10.

baccarat card value

Examples of card counts:

9 + 7 = 16 means 6
5 + 5 + 7 = 17 means 7
10 + 9 = 19 means pure 9

If the player or banker position gets the same total value, it is called TIE. All credits that have been installed on the banker player will be returned Situs Judi Slot Online  any deductions. Only the TIE position will be counted. If on the first two cards one of the positions has scored 8 or 9 (pure) then no additional third card is added.

Rules of Adding a Third Card in Baccarat
Banker’s first 2 cards:

0-2 Must add.
3-6 Can be added and not added (free).
7 No added card.
Player’s first 2 cards:

0-5 Must add.
6-7 No added cards.
addition to the third card of baccarat

S: Stand (add card) – H: Hit (add card)

How to Calculate Online Baccarat Winnings
Indonesian online baccarat has 4 types of bets that you can play. Each of these types of bets has a different calculation of how to win until the payment of winning money is paid to the winning member. For that, so that you understand better before you start, then read through the rules and how to calculate your winnings below:

Player Banker
Bets on the banker player type are the most frequently played bets. You can choose to place in the player or banker position who is believed to get a greater value. If you win, you will be paid 1: 1 according to the posted credit score. And the Banker position will be subject to a 5 $ discount. Example: install a Rp 100,000 banker, 5 $ will be deducted to become Rp 95,000.

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Tie (tie)
Bets on the TIE type are the ones that get a large enough payout, that is, you will be paid 1: 8. Not subject to any discount on the TIE bet, and those who place on the banker player will be returned according to the credit placed. For example: install TIE IDR 100,000, you will be paid IDR 800,000.

Player Pair / Banker Pair
Bet on Player Pair or Banker Pair has the highest payout in live baccarat betting. You will be paid 1:11 if the first two cards dealt have the same value and the similarity of the cards generated by the third card will not count. For example: a Player pair or a Banker pair with IDR 100,000, you will be paid IDR 1,100,000.

Fortune Six
Bet on the Fortune Six type is a type of bet that has recently been provided by casino companies in the world. You will be paid 1:22 and not all online baccarat sites provide this type of bet. For example: install fortune six Rp. 100,000, then you will be paid Rp. 2,200,000.

Strategy in Playing Baccarat
In playing baccarat gambling, there is no specific strategy that promises bettors to win. However, there is only a special strategy that increases your winning percentage to a greater extent. And the most important thing in playing all bets at the casino is patience and being adept at managing your finances when playing. The following below are 6 strategies for playing in online baccarat betting.

Minimize the bet on the TIE position.
Player pair and banker pair bets are better placed on both sides.
Prioritize placing bets in the Banker position.
Look at the previous winning patterns from both sides of the available history.
Install multiples (maximum 3 times) if you lose and are in the same position.
Don’t move tables too often.
Look for a Trusted Online Baccarat Agent
In playing online gambling, of course what everyone wants is excitement and victory. But unfortunately, many people forget a few things to get that fun. Many members forget and are not careful in choosing a gambling agent, so that it can result in loss of time and money. Find an agent who can truly be responsible for providing the best service to all members.

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