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DewiFortunaQQ is an online gambling site that was started in 2019. Initially this site was established without having any vision and mission. At that time, DewiFortunaQQ’s purpose was only to get profit from bandarq and dominoqq customers.

But over time, this company began to have goals and a mission to become one of the most trusted online qq gambling sites capable of providing the best comfort by establishing a good relationship with you !! our customers.

We consider that the benefits we get are only the fruit of the comfort and security that you get when accessing 9 features of the DewiFortunaQQ online gambling site. Because customer comfort is the most important thing for us.

However as much as possible we want you to be able to get wins from all the games that are accessed. To make it happen, we always provide tips and tricks to win bandarq or dominoqq which have been the most favorite games for the past 4 years.

The Most Profitable Online Bandarq
You can get many benefits when you decide to join the DewiFortunaQQ community. judi online deposit pulsa As one of the pioneers of the first online gambling site, DewiFortunaQQ provides the largest bandarq and dominoqq bonuses when compared to other sites.

The bonus is a turnover of 0.5%, which when multiplied by the amount of your turnover, the calculated value can reach 1,000,000 – 10,000,000 Rupiah. The amount of this bonus depends on how much you play often.

We realize that customers are entitled to this online dominoqq gambling bonus so that they can return to playing when they are broke. This bonus is distributed to all customers every Tuesday afternoon.

So for those of you who have joined the DewiFortunaQQ community, remember to always check the value of the online gambling bonus found on your account on Tuesday. That way you can immediately play bandarq again when you are bored.

The second bonus that you can get when joining DewiFortunaQQ is a referral commission of 20%. This commission is calculated based on the turnover of the downline you registered using your referral code.

A bonus of 0.5% will automatically enter your account, and the remaining 0.5% will be entered every week. The bigger the turnover your downline has, the bigger the profit you will get.

Dominoqq Credit Deposit and E-Money Services are available

The best bookie is a dealer that provides many transaction options for making deposits or withdrawals. DewiFortunaQQ site provides many options for making these transactions

The features for depositing deposit funds, and withdrawing funds with DewiFortunaQQ are as follows:

Bank transfer, this transaction can be done via internet banking, m-banking, sms-banking, manual fund deposit, ATM machine, or EDC machine.
The types of banks provided by DewiFortunaQQ are: BCA, BRI, BNI, Mandiri, Danamon, Jenius, and CIMB Niaga.
Credit transfer, this transaction can be done by sending Telkomsel or XL credit to the number provided.
E-money transfer, this transaction can be done with the OVO, DANA, and Go-pay applications.
To make it easier for customers to access the game, now DewiFortunaQQ also provides a practical credit deposit service. You can make transfers and withdraw funds from dominoqq credit deposits quickly by confirming via Whatsapp.

DewiFortunaQQ highly upholds the comfort and convenience of online gambling site customers. We understand that transaction speed is one of the things that you, bandarq game fans crave.

Whatsapp users have the advantage of getting VIP services in the form of faster deposit / withdrawal priorities. In addition, you can also contact CS 24 hours a day.

Tips to Win Bandarq Online Gambling
If you are looking for ways to get wins more often in online gambling games, read this article to the end. On this occasion we will thoroughly discuss what you have to do to win.

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However, you must remember that this technique is not easy, and must be studied in depth. Without a really strong intention, everything would be useless.

Here are the techniques used by professionals to dominate their victories in bandarq, dominoqq, and online poker.

Play as a dealer.
This method is very simple and very powerful to apply when you play Bandarq. The dealer has a higher winning percentage when compared to a player.

The winning percentage of a dealer is 58% when compared to a player who only has a percentage of 42%. For that we highly recommend that you choose a position as a dealer whenever you can by having sufficient capital.

The winning percentage of 58% means that from the 100 game rounds you do in the bandarq game, the dealer will win 58 times. Compared to players who will only get 42 wins.

Your winning percentage can increase sharply if you use strategy as well when playing. We will discuss this strategy further at the points below.

Play using enough capital.
One of the things that online gambling players underestimate when betting is the amount of capital they use. Even though this is one of the most important things when playing dominoqq.

By bringing enough capital, you can get a bigger chance to become a dealer. Where as we explained earlier in the point above that a dealer has a greater advantage to win than a player.

Furthermore, by bringing more capital you can play with a more flexible strategy. You can play aggressively or passively, imagine if you only bring mediocre capital. Then you can only play dominoqq in a passive and fearful way when facing bluffing your opponent.

According to our research, a capital of 200,000 – 500,000 Rupiah has a greater chance of winning, namely 65%. When compared to players with a capital of 20,000 – 50,000 who only have a 48% chance of winning.

Know the rules of the game thoroughly.
Bandarq requires its players to know the rules of betting thoroughly. If you only know part of the rules provided, then you will often make wrong decisions when betting.

Conversely, if you have mastered the rules of playing online gambling sites, it will be easier for you to conquer the game at the betting table. As we have heard that by recognizing our opponent, we are one step further to get the victory.

Stop playing when you have a losing streak.
Stopping playing online gambling when you have a bad day is one important way to prevent your losses from getting bigger. But unfortunately this is often underestimated, or cannot be controlled by a bettor.

Usually dominoqq betting players, have a tendency to bet bigger when they lose. Conversely, when they get the win they are even more afraid to bet.

This method makes you only able to win a little, but when you lose you get a big defeat. A professional player knows when to bet big, or stop when he has a losing streak.

Bandarq Online Agents Who Really Care About Their Customers

One of the advantages of DewiFortunaQQ that other bandarq agents may not have is the level of our sincere care for you. All DewiFortunaQQ online gambling site customer service have undergone training in such a way so that you can get a sense of comfort when placing bets.

Our main focus is to eliminate fear, and give you a sense of comfort when playing poker, bandarq and dominoqq. Winning or losing, you must get the best service from DewiFortunaQQ.