Top 5 Ways Choosing The Place Bets in Sic Bo Live Casino

Sic Bo originates from China and is very popular at the famous Macau casino. Sic Bo
has the game rules of high appeal and is easy to apply tactics to increase your chances
of winning, therefore it has become one of the most famous live casino all over the world.

This article will help you know some tips to choose the place bets when playing Sic Bo.
It is not only suitable for beginners, but also for the professional players to help the players
take advantages at agen sbobet Sic Bo live casino.

Top 5 Ways Choosing The Place Bets in Sic Bo Live Casino

First, you need to know that at the Sic Bo betting table or any live casino game, you win –
the dealer lose. So the place of bet with high probability of winning, good profitability is where
the house edge has low profit.

  • Big/Small Bets

Big or Small bets are the best bet option at Sic Bo betting table. Specifically, you will put
money into 1 of 2 doors:

  1. Big: The total number of 3 dice will be about 11-17
  2. Small: The total bet of the 3 dice will be about 4 -10

This bet has a payout odds of 1:1. And the house edge has the lowest rate of return with only

  • Duo Bets

Sicbo Online betting table allows players to bet on two specific sbobet casino or to combine
multiple pairs of numbers. With a payout odds of 1: 5
This betting method also brings a very low profit rate for the house edge. With only 2.77%.
You can expect to win at least 1 time on each 7 round bets. From there you can combine
long-term betting strategies such as: folding bets, 1-3-2-4 or Fibonacci bets.

  • Total Bets

If you look closely you will find Sic Bo betting table gives you a choice of 4-17 total bet.
But each place bets has different payouts. The corresponding profit ratio of the house edge
is also different. Example: The place bets on total of 7 to 14 with a payout of 1 to 12 with a house edge of 9.7%. While the total bet of 8-13 or 10-11 has a house edge odds of 12.5%. So if you want to bet on the total, you should select 7-14.

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A triple bets is when the players correctly predicts the number of all three dice come from.
A triple bet with an extremely high payout of 1 to 180. Comes with that is the greatest risk.
Therefore, experienced Sic Bo players will avoid these bets completely. Triple bets is used
only when the multi-place of bet is the lowest amount. (This means placing multiple bets at
different risk levels. The odds for each bet are inversely proportional to the risk of the bet).
If you put too much faith (or money) in this bet, then to 99.99% you will lose.

Don’t wager on the place of bets with the house edge’s payout >13%

Except for the triple bets, the experienced players will also limit to place in the betting slots
that are beneficial to the house edge. The feature that identifies these slots is a very
attractive payout odds. The average payout of these places is usually about 1 to 30. Also attached to the house edge is up to 13.9%.

Above is the experience of choosing the place of bets from the professional players almost
always in every case. Knowing the instructions on how to play Sic Bo, understanding the
house edge profit, knowing which the place bets is more profitable than the other not only
makes it easier to make betting decisions.

It also gives you the flexibility to apply to long-term betting strategies or make an accurate budget allocation decision. If you know how to properly use these tips in playing live casino in future, it is not strange to fight 10 matches won 9. We believe that you can win more and more in the next game when you apply our ways.