Tips Sports Betting Types Breakdown

The real beauty of modern online sports betting, is that you have a host of options at your fingertips. Whether it takes the form of specific sports strategies, or different types of bets, you have the power to jump in on virtually any sporting event, market, special or odds that come your way.

Tips Sports Betting Types Breakdown

To make betting easier, top sports agen bola euro 2021 books divide their betting options into various types. These can be based on the type of sport as well as based on what the sports book is prepared to offer. The following guide breaks down the most popular betting types available at our recommended sports betting providers.

We detail the characteristics of each betting type and look at relevant advantages and disadvantages. You’ll see overlaps in certain betting types and see how basic betting types can transform into more complex ones, offering higher levels of potential profit when you are ready to take them on.

2 Way Bets and 3 Way Bets

2 Way bets and 3 Way bets are very closely related. In fact, the 3 way bet is essentially an expanded version of the 2 way bet. In both types, the bet is applied to events that involve individual players or teams of players.

In the case of the 2-way bet, you have two basic taruhan bola online to choose from, while the 3-way bet gives you three different choices.

As is implied in the name, the two-way bet only has two possible outcomes for any event:

  • Team A wins
  • Team B wins

This beauty of this simple bet is that it gives you a solid 50-50 shot at winning your bet as there is no third option to concern yourself with. The third option relates to a possible draw, which is why you will most often find the 2-way bet in sports such as volley ball and tennis. Both of these sports require an outright winner.

On the other hand, the ­3-way bet adds in the third option of the tie result. In other words, your options now expand to include:

  • Team A wins
  • Team B wins
  • Both teams tie

You will find this betting type most often in sports such as football (soccer) and handball, where a game can end in a draw.

The way in which the three-way bet is most often expressed is as follows: 1 X 2

Since you now have the additional option, the potential win percentage of the 3 way bet is reduced to 33.3%, not as high as the 2 way bet, but with higher odds and more functionality.