Tips On Asian Handicap Betting

Now we’ve have explained the Asian handicap and gone on an extensive tour of all things Asian handicap, we hope that you can see that this really isn’t anywhere near as complicated as it is often reputed to be. So then, if the experts aren’t utilising this market because it is some deeply difficult betting secret that only they understand, then what is it all about?

Tips On Asian Handicap Betting

If you’re happy you’ve had the Asian handicap agen sbobet terbesar explained sufficiently and you want to give it a try, then you are probably wondering the best way of approaching it. Well, with that in mind, here are five tips to help you on your way to success.


While we have provided tables and detailed explanations, the best way of getting the most out of Asian handicap betting is to work out the results for yourself. That way, understanding the odds at a glance is just as easy as regular betting.

This does have advantages because quite often you are given a lot of betting options and being able to understand everything quickly helps you locate the best bet. On top of that, this is absolutely necessary for live Asian handicap betting, where a slow response may make a big difference to your payouts.


Having better odds is great, and is one of the key reasons that people turn to the Asian handicap. With that said, don’t let this improvement and reduction of possibilities make you too confident in your bets. You are still betting real money and there’s still a real possibility of losing, so be every bit as cautious as you would be otherwise. Remember that better odds doesn’t mean an unwise bet is anything other than an unwise bet.


The removal of the draw as a losing possibility situs judi online casino changes the way people view games and make them forget that the tactics of the teams will remain the same. If a team would be likely to try and ground a game down to a goalless finish – or if that is a serious possibility between two defensive teams, for example – the fact that you are going into this bet not thinking in those terms does not change the likelihood of that outcome. So, take the possibility or a draw result in the game just as seriously, and adjust your handicap bet accordingly


The versatility of Asian betting markets is one of the best things about it. However, as we said in our explanation, people are often comfortable with full lines but start to be put off by half and quarter lines. Despite this, these are both excellent options and might actually suit you better.

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The irony of quarter lines – or two way bets – is that people are hesitant to use them, but they are actually custom-built for the more conservative player. So, make sure to utilize everything these markets have to offer when the time is right.


Asian handicap betting is a different way to bet, but the essence of how to approach it is the same. This is a prediction about how two teams are going to perform and the best way to do that in a smart way is to research the teams, their form, their history and all the usual advice you would follow in all other forms of betting. The rules may have changed, but the game is still the same

Although intimidating to many, there is arguably no form of alternative betting which offers the same level of value and customization as the Asian handicap. It isn’t anywhere near as hard to understand as people believe. Making the effort is absolutely worth your while, even if you don’t quite consider yourself an expert, while market is also being in depth enough to satisfy those that do.