Think Of An Asian Handicap Bet Like The Point

Think of an Asian handicap bet like the point spread you would see in an American Football (NFL) game. Here you are giving Team A or Team B a handicap to cover. These can typically be adjusted by a couple of goals in either team’s favor. You will likely encounter many different options for Asian handicap betting at your online sportsbook.

Typical handicaps or “spreads” include: -0.25, -0.50, -0.75, -1, -1.25, -1.50, -1.75, and -2.00 for favorites. Conversely, when betting agen nova88 an underdog you’d see: +0.25, +0.50, +0.75, +1.00, +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, and +2.00. You can also bet an Asian handicap of ‘0’ which is exactly the same as taking a draw no bet wager. Your team will need to win the match in order for your bet to be graded a winner. Should the match in a draw, your stake will be refunded.

Think Of An Asian Handicap Bet Like The Point

What’s the deal with handicaps such as -0.25 or +0.75? Soccer is a relatively low-scoring sport, and these handicaps allow for half wins or half losses. The easiest way to lay out Asian handicap betting is to review the following table of standard Asian handicap betting options.

Much like an over/under bet in other sports, you simply predict whether or not the total amount of goals scored between both teams in the match will be over or under the total provided by your sportsbook.

The common over/under total for most matches in soccer will be over/under 2.5 goals. In this instance, an over bet will require at least 3 combined goals in the match and an under bet will require 2 or fewer combined goals in the match. Some bookmakers will offer alternative goal lines which follow the same agen judi terpercaya as Asian handicap game lines.

Over/Under Goals Market

If you were to bet on a total of over 2.25 goals, half of your bet would be placed on over 2 goals and the other half would be placed on over 2.5 goals. If the total were to land on 2, you would lose half your wager. If the match were to finish with 3 or more goals, you’d win both bets.

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You could also bet under 2.75 goals. Here, half your bet would be placed on under 2.5 goals and the other half of your bet would be placed on under 3 goals. Should the match finish with 3 goals, you would lose the half of your bet which was placed on under 2.5 and be refunded the other half which was placed on under 3.

Of course, if two or fewer goals are scored in the match, then you’d win both bets.

  • Over/Under Corners Market

The over/under corners market works exactly the same as the goals market, with one exception. In this case, you are predicting if the total amount of corner kicks from both teams (or one team) will fall over or under a specified total.

  • Over/Under Cards Market

Once again, a similar type of bet as with goals and corners, but this time you bet on the combined total of cards (yellow and red) given out to both teams.

  • Half-Time/Full-Time Result

With this bet, you wager on the expected result at both half-time in the match and at full-time. You are basically breaking the game down into two separate mini-game and selecting the result at the end of each half. You will though need both of those selections to be correct in order to win your bet.

Perhaps you favor one team to win the match, but feel it will be close in the beginning. You may select “Draw – Team A” for example. Or maybe you like the favorite in a match, but the odds are just too short for your liking. Betting that team to be leading at half-time and at full-time will net you slightly better odds, but you’ll need that team to start the game strong and hold their lead. Let’s take a look at an example of half-time/full-time odds from a Champions League match between Tottenham and Borussia Dortmund.