The IDN Poker Site Deposit Via Telkomsel Credit has Many Bonuses

Playing online poker gambling is getting easier nowadays.

Especially for playing poker capital that is used, which is more often than not using real money, now it is not the only deposit option.

Because online poker sites that are widely spread on the internet now provide a new feature in the deposit process, namely being able to receive cellphone credit to be used as capital for bettors who want to play poker.

However, despite the fact that depositing via credit makes it easier for you, many poker sites do not provide bonuses that are like real money.

Therefore, deposit pakai pulsa telkomsel are very rarely used because they are considered like stepchildren and are treated unfairly and so they will not get a bonus.

But you don’t have to be pessimistic, because in my article there is an IDN poker site where when you deposit credit you can get lots of bonuses. So for that, please continue to see the article below.

The IDN Poker Site Deposit Via Telkomsel Credit has Many Bonuses

Where the poker site has been famous from 2 years ago and until this moment it has always been never empty of players playing poker on it

Especially with the deposit via credit making it much easier for all members, considering that credit sellers are easy to find to buy from mini markets to the nearest cellphone counter.

Then again, the types of credit this site receives are from the largest cellular operator in Indonesia, namely Telkomsel, with a minimum credit of 10 thousand.

And the way to deposit the two types of credit is very easy, that is, just use the credit transfer method and I will tell you how to do it below:

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Telkomsel Credit Deposit
Open the cellphone then select the call menu
Type * 858 * number of credit transfer destination * transfer nominal #
Then press Call / Call /
Then Yes / Ok

Here are the many bonuses that you will receive:
* MONTHLY TOURNOVER bonus splash
* 30% CryptoCurrency Deposit Bonus
* Welcome Bonus 20%
* 0.5% commission

You will definitely get the bonus above and you can increase your playing capital so you can easily optimize your winnings just by using credit.

So what I write in this article is about depositing via credit to you and also about this poker site, so it proves that using credit deposits will still get lots of bonuses and provide many benefits.

Thus, this information will be given in full to you, hopefully it will provide many benefits. That is all and thank you.

Notes: For the destination number to find out, you have to contact C S this poker site to get it, then you must confirm again after completing the transfer of credit.

You can choose the method of depositing both of them freely which you think is good and most importantly once the deposit is successful, it goes straight to your account balance and you can play poker on this IDN poker site.

Well, according to my promise at the beginning of depositing via credit on this site, you will definitely get a lot of bonuses as well as using the original.