The Best Online IDN Poker Gambling Game Site Deposit 10000 Via Credit

Want to play online poker but don’t have a personal bank account?

Nowadays, the times have changed friends, to play on an online poker site, you don’t need a personal bank account anymore.

You can now take advantage of the credit on your cellphone to play online poker. Then you also don’t need a lot of capital to play the game if you use credit.

Want to know what it is like to play online poker using credit?

If so, just look at the following explanation, how to play online poker using credit.

The Best Online IDN Poker Gambling Game Site Deposit 10000 Via Credit
In our meeting today, I will tell you a poker site that can make deposits using credit.

Then to play on the site too, we don’t need a lot of capital. The name of the site we will discuss is poker, which is the best online IDN Poker gambling site in Asia.

So do not be surprised if the players on the site are not only from Indonesia. situs poker deposit via pulsa  Lots of players come from major Asian countries.

But what is the IDN Poker site?

idn poker

IDN Poker is a provider of the best real money online poker gambling games in the world. Most of the famous and largest gambling sites in the world use this provider as their poker game provider.

Because it has been proven that the games they provide have the best quality, a very smooth system, and super speed servers.

So it’s no wonder that IDN poker is the best online gambling game provider provider. So when you play on the Pokerwin13 site, the games you play come from IDN Poker.

Playing Poker Sites with the Cheapest Deposits
small capital

If you want to play on this site, you don’t need a large amount of capital. Unlike other online gambling sites that have a minimum deposit of 10 thousand or even millions of rupiah.

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On this site you don’t need that much capital. You only need a deposit capital of IDR 10 thousand.

money is abundant

With that much capital, you can make a profit of 500 thousand-3.5 million rupiah in just one day playing. So don’t be surprised if there are so many players on this website.


Because the games on this site are very easy to win. Because the Win Rate on this site is also very high at 95% and the difficulty level is very small.

Playing Poker Real Money Deposit Via Credit
Unlike other gambling sites, which only have deposit services using a personal bank account.

We as the best poker site have also provided deposit services using credit. Given that not everyone has a personal bank account to play poker online.


So this site provides credit services, there are 2 telecommunications network providers that have been provided for making deposits, namely TELKOMSEL & XL.

Here’s how to make a deposit using the 2 network providers:


First of all, go to the phone call menu on your cellphone
On the call menu type * 858 #
Then select the TRANSFER PULSE menu
After that, enter the number that has been given by Pokeriwn13 customer service to make a deposit.
Then enter the nominal credit you want to deposit
Then select YES

With this, now you can make deposits using credit and don’t need a personal bank account anymore.

With just your credit, you can generate huge profits, from playing for just one day. So don’t wait any longer, just play on the website.