Strategy Poker Tips Beginner Online Trusted

The better you get at the game, the more fun poker is. Fortunately there are tons of free resources available to online poker players these days. Here at we have hundreds of strategy articles that can help you no matter what level of player you are.

Strategy Poker Tips Beginner Online Trusted

You’ll want to start with simple information such judi kartu online the ABC’s of poker or something like our 10-Minute No-Limit Hold’em Crash Course but the depth of strategy advice you can find online is fairly bottomless.

  • Poker Hand Rankings

Of course before you get into any advanced poker strategy you need to get a good handle on how poker hands are ranked. Hand rankings can change slightly depending on which poker variant you playing eg. Lowball) but if you’re playing Hold’em or Omaha they are consistent. Head to our Poker Hand Rankings page to see the official list of hand ranking and to find a downloadable PDF you can keep handy while you play.

  • Which Hand Wins Calculator

Pretty much every player that has ever taken up poker has been confused by the outcome of hand at some point. The best way to clear up confusion is to use our Which Hand Wins Calculator, which explains exactly what final hand each player holds and what the winning hand is.

These online tools help new players understand which hand actually wins in numerous situations. You just have to punch in your cards, your opponent’s cards and whatever cards are on the board. Make sure you remember the correct cards to enter properly though!

  • Poker Odds Calculator

There is an element of chance in poker and if you want to get situs judi online you need to know when you got lucky or were just the victim of a bad beat. Our Poker Odds Calculator will tell you just what percentage chance your hand has to win on each street. Just plug the cards into our Odds Calculator and it will display information on whether you were actually ahead or behind your opponent.

  • Poker Books

If you prefer to learn about poker the old fashioned way there are plenty of great poker books that can speed along your education. Harrington on Hold’em, Theory of Poker and Super/System are a few of the most beloved poker books but if you’re really just looking for the basics you might as well stick to online strategy sites since the information is free.

  • Training Sites

There are tons poker training sites but they can get quite expensive if you get a subscription to the elite sites. Once again you’re probably better off sticking to the free poker resources until you have a firm grasp of poker fundamentals.

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As soon as you’re ready to take your game to the next level sites like Run Once have comprehensive databases that include videos from famous poker pros at various stakes levels. Because poker strategy changes so rapidly, online videos from poker pros are considered one of the best ways to elevate your game.