Strategy Betting Tips Football System That Provides

Most of these selections come in the “one more goal before half-time market,” often when there have already been three goals in the first 15-20 minutes of a game.

So once you receive the tip, which will come through via an alert on your phone, you have to place the bet quickly before another goal is scored.

Strategy Betting Tips Football System That Provides

It is quite an innovative approach to betting agen judi bola nova88 and we haven’t come across something like this before. Probably the closest thing is In-Play Trading, but that doesn’t provide bets via a phone app like Strategy Betting Tips.

Well, the good news is that it finished in profit, with a total of 5 points profit made overall.

Whilst a profit was made however, we had some major concerns about the practicality of using the service.

Firstly, there is the fact that tips can arrive at any time of day or night. If you know you are going to be unable to access your mobile phone for a period (e.g. when you are driving, on the Tube, in a work meeting etc), then you can pause your tips so you don’t use up any credits (it operates on a pay-per-winning tip situs judi online).

But you still have to remember to do this and then there are times when you don’t anticipate that you won’t be able to place the bets, so inevitably you will miss a few. And when you are paying €5 per winning tip, that can be quite frustrating.

The second concern we have is over the lack of options in terms of placing the bets. A lot of the best come in very obscure leagues – Algerian Women’s football, Israeli U19, the Macedonian league for example – and in the quite specialist market of one more goal before half-time.

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How did it Get on During our Live Trial

Then there is the question of what odds to take. In the manual you receive when signing up, SBT say you shouldn’t take any bets below 1.75. However, lots of the odds are below that level when you receive the tip, so you effectively have to wait until they reach that level before placing your bet. But a goal may be scored in the meantime and you didn’t get to place the bet.

To be fair to SBT, they often don’t charge for tips where a goal is scored very quickly, but we did have instances where there was a goal scored whilst the odds were still below 1.7, so the €5 charge for the tip would still be incurred.

Overall that gets us to our biggest concern about SBT and that is the pay-per-win subscription model. If you paid just a weekly or monthly subscription a lot of these concerns wouldn’t be such an issue.

But if you are paying €5 per tip, then during our trial there were 110 winning tips, meaning you would have had to pay €550 in fees, but only made 5 points profit. So you would need to be betting at over €100 per point to make it worthwhile, which we recognise most people won’t be able to do.

Added to that was the fact that they stopped responding to our e-mails over the last couple of months and you have a bit of a disappointing service overall.