Sports Betting Strategies That Work

Now that we’ve covered some of the basic building blocks of what is required for a strong sports betting strategy, let’s look at some specific examples of wagering techniques that have been proven to work when properly applied.

Sports Betting Strategies That Work

There are opportunities in sports judi sbobet betting where a punter can make a bet that is opposite to his original bet.

Hedging Your Bets

It might seem weird to bet against your original bet but as you’ll see, when it’s done right it can guarantee you a profit.

  • Hedging usually applies to futures bets where the odds on your bet change significantly in your favor as the season progresses, or in big parlays when you’ve won a large number of your bets but still have one or more wagers left to play.
  • In both these examples you can bet against your original wager and lock in a profit, regardless of the final outcome.
  • Hedging lets you sacrifice a larger potential payout in exchange for reduced risk and a guaranteed profit. By making your hedge bet larger or smaller you can play with how much risk and reward you want to take.

Let’s take a closer look at how hedge betting works and use a famous example from the 2011 MLB season. At a Las Vegas sportsbook, a St. Louis fan made $250 wager on the Cardinals to win the World Series. At the time the Cardinals were five games out of a playoff spot with 15 games to play. A big hill to climb to slot online pulsa just make the playoffs. He put $250 on the Cardinals to win the world series.

  • The bet paid 1000:1 for a potential $250,000 profit.

As luck would have it, his prognostications came true and the Cardinals not only made the playoffs but won the National League Championship Series (NLCS) and a trip to the World Series to play the Texas Rangers.

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The gambler was now looking at a potentially massive payday. But what if the Cardinals lost the World Series. He would get exactly zero. This is the perfect opportunity to hedge. By betting opposite to the original wager, he can lock in a profit. Let’s see how.

Let’s assume for this example that a bet on the Texas Rangers to win the World Series paid 1:1. If the gambler was able to raise $125,000 and bet it on the Rangers he would guarantee himself a $125,000 profit regardless of who ends up winning.

  • A Cardinals World Series win gives him $250,000 on his first ticket, minus the $125,000 he bet on the Rangers.
  • If the Cardinals lose he wins $125,000 from his bet on the Rangers.

Hedging also works the same way when you’ve made a multiple bet parlay and you’ve won most of your bets. With parlays one loss is all it takes to lose the entire parlay. If there’s just one game to go, consider hedging by betting against your original parlay bet to lock in a profit.