Playing Strategy Baccarat Online Gaming Trusted

Baccarat is a fairly player-friendly game as the house edge is quite small compared to other casino games but it helps to know some basic odds and strategies for minimizing your losses.

Playing Strategy Baccarat Online Gaming Trusted

For example the tie bet, at 8-1 odds, seems quite appealing but daftar youbetcash reality a tie only comes around on average every 9.5 hands. That means the house has a 14% edge for tie bets.

So a good rule of thumb to follow:


Unless you have an unlimited bankroll or you’re playing very low, repeated bets on Tie will not work out very well.

If you factor out ties, the Banker’s hand will win slightly more (51%) than the player’s hand because the banker gets to decide what to do after the player has already drawn or not drawn a new card. That means a bet on the banker hand is always your best bet by the math.

Lots of players like to try and “feel the shoe,” as they say, and bet based on the trends of the Baccarat hands as they play out, but the truth is that gives no distinct advantage. You can see why EZ Baccarat, where the 5% commission is dropped on baker hands, then becomes more appealing.

If you stick to basic Baccarat strategy you’re more or less given a 50-50 shot to win each time, no matter which hand you bet on. And again: Never bet on a tie!

Online Baccarat Tournaments

A relatively new phenomenon in online Baccarat is the Baccarat tournament. It’s not a particularly strategic game but it can be a fun way to mix up your online Baccarat play. You won’t find one online very often but you might get lucky.

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As with any kind of tournament (poker, roulette, etc) each player pays the same amount to buy in and is given the same amount of chips. The goal, of course, is to be the last player standing still with agen casino online.

Players are seated randomly at Baccarat tables and every one plays against the dealer for a set number of hands. At the end of that round the players with the most chips move on to the next round with similarly successful players from other tables. Repeat as needed until there is just one table left and then one player remaining.

Baccarat tournaments play by standard Punto Banco rules (usually) so there is no real strategy to tournament play but there are some simple pointers.

If you bet on Tie hands, for example, you will likely lose your chips quicker. If you’re down a lot of chips and want to make a last ditch effort to catch up a Tie bet, though, you should try it. But in the long run you will still lose more often.

Also, betting position matters as if you are the last to have to bet you can make your play based on what has already happened to the other players.