Panduan Login Asiapoker77

We provide this DewiFortunaQQ Login Guide because there is so much interest among bettors to be able to play in this game, but still don’t know how to log in. asiapoker77

For those of you who already have Asiapoker ID and Password from DewiFortunaQQ, to log in please pay attention to the following steps:

1. Open the official website of DewiFortunaQQ in your browser link

2. After that, fill in your ID and password which have been sent via SMS service to your telephone number. Immediately confirm again through the live chat service that we have provided if you do not receive the DewiFortunaQQ id and password. (For registration, please go directly to the following link —> Register DewiFortunaQQ)

Look at the picture on the side, the image that we have given a red box is a place to log in, the information is as follows:
– the box marked 1 is a place to fill in the id that you get from DewiFortunaQQ consisting of numbers, for example 7799168 …
– The box marked 2 is where to enter the password
– The third box is a capcha which you must fill in correctly. Fill in the box marked 3 with the 4 numbers next to it
– The fourth box is the login button after you have filled in the whole

Now if the process is correct you will be taken to a display section like this:

The display above is the view for creating a new pin, fill it with your computer mouse by clicking the number. (must consist of 6 digit numbers). When finished, click on the green in the lower right corner.

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After the Pin clarification process, you will then find a display like this:

The display above is information about your account / ID at DewiFortunaQQ. This includes how to change your password, how to change your avatar, how to change your nickname (the name of your table).

If you want to see the story or history of your game at DewiFortunaQQ, you can choose the Statement menu, which will explain in detail the poker game you have been doing so far.

If you have finished setting up your Profile, and want to immediately play, please click the Play Now menu above.

Now next is table selection, you are free to want to play at any table starting from Small (small), medium, large (large) or VIP. For those who are still playing at DewiFortunaQQ for the first time, we recommend playing at the Small table first to get used to the features available.

Select the table that is your choice to play after that click the start game button which will immediately take you to the game where the game takes place.

Well, that’s a little DewiFortunaQQ login guide, I hope this article will help you. However, if you still have questions, please directly contact our customer service who will always be ready to help you.