Original Money Poker Deposit Using Telkomsel Credit

For some reason, if we play online games using real money, it will definitely be more exciting and challenging.

Such a sensation is what makes online gambling bettors increasingly rampant and scattered a lot in Indonesia. But I can’t deny that because I’m like that myself.

Well, deposit poker online via pulsa if we play in a place that uses real money, surely we will send a deposit first. Usually the deposit will be sent using a bank account that has been provided by the site in question.

But now it’s not only from accounts, where today’s sophisticated times make it easier for us to make deposits using other transaction tools, as I will discuss below.

Original Money Poker Deposit Using Telkomsel Credit Only 10 thousand
What transaction tools are easy apart from an account? The answer is using credit! It is not something unique or just using credit, because we have always been able to give credit to friends.

But for this online gambling transaction tool, it is new to use, because there are still sites that have not provided this service to its members.

Is depositing using credit easier?

Of course, because for those of you who can’t send money using online services, you have to use an ATM machine. Imagine if you really want to play and have to find an ATM machine first, of course it will be really troublesome.

Meanwhile, if you use credit, you can send it from the nearest mini market. Now all mini markets can serve top up, but not all mini markets have ATM machines, right.

In addition, there are several additional benefits that you can enjoy if you deposit using credit, such as the following:


Using credit, you can send it via a friend’s phone number, in contrast to an account that has to be from your own account that has been registered on a gambling site
You can send credit directly without having to have an internet signal
Minimum deposit using credit can only be 10 thousand
So for now there are 2 providers that you can use if you deposit via credit, namely Telkomsel. Why only 2? Because these 2 providers are the largest in Indonesia and have strong and stable signals.
REMEMBER, the most important thing before you make a deposit is to ask for the number of delivery destinations. Where you can ask for this number by chatting to the customer service where you play.

This is very important because the destination number can be changed at any time, so to prevent wrong delivery it is better to ask first before sending.

For those of you who have never made a deposit using credit, I will give you a method. And each provider has different procedures for sending credit.

So that there is no mistake I will guide it for you.

Deposit from Telkomsel
– Enter your phone call menu
– Type * 858 #
– Select the Credit Transfer menu
– Fill in the destination number that you have asked customer service
– Enter the deposit amount you want
– Finally press OK

So there won’t be any more mistakes if you see the method I gave above, if you want to deposit poker using credit. Hope this information helps!