The IDN Poker Online Credit Deposit site Telkomsel is a complete information about the steps you can use to make credit deposit transactions using Telkomsel credit. Playing online gambling poker deposit via pulsa is now easier to implement since the existence of the gambling game scheme with credit deposit. With the new credit deposit scheme, now some online gambling fans can enjoy free gambling by simply fulfilling the game capital using credit. One of the gambling game sites that have brought in the credit deposit scheme is the IDN gambling game site. The site has provided credit deposit transaction media for several gambling players who use Telkomsel’s first card. If you are confused about the steps to fulfill your capital by using the credit deposit scheme, you can see the detailed information regarding the steps for depositing on the IDN Poker Online Telkomsel Credit Deposit Site.

When viewed from the pattern of the transaction process, the deposit scheme using pulses has a process that is really easy to implement. Also, the transaction process via credit can be done directly using your beloved cellphone device. So that you can understand well how to do transactions using credit, we will provide examples of ways you can use to make credit transactions on the best gambling game sites.

The steps to deposit credit on the IDN site are as follows:


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Obtain Transfer Direction Number
To deposit via credit, of course, you must first obtain the transfer direction number. You can get information about the transfer direction number by asking customer service via the existing chat panel. Don’t forget to inform the first type that you want to use for transaction media.

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Transfer Credit
If you have obtained the credit transfer direction number, then you can transfer the credit according to the first card you used. Before you run the credit transfer process, emphasize it first if you have enough credit. The steps for transferring credit using Telkomsel first are as follows:

Telkomsel Credit Transfer:

Open the call menu access on your cellphone and input the pattern * 858 #
Select the option “transfer credit” in the menu
Enter the cellphone number to transfer your credit. Emphasize that the number you entered is the right number so that there are no mistakes when making the transfer
Fill in the nominal amount of credit that you want to send
Press the “yes” option and wait until your credit transfer process is successful
If the credit transfer process is successful, you will get a statement via SMS or you can check the situation of the credit you have after the credit transfer process is over. If the credit you have has decreased, then it can be stated if your credit transfer process has gone well