Live Dealer Blackjack Online Trusted

Playing Blackjack with a live dealer online is very much like playing Blackjack in a live casino. The dealer is in charge of the game and controls the action while interacting with all the players via the screen at the table.

Live Dealer Blackjack Online Trusted

While you get the benefits of a real professional dealer agen judi fontana99 running the action and keeping things on track, you also get the benefits of the online casino experience at the same time.

  • Lower table stakes than a live casino (although slightly higher than the straight electronic Blackjack tables)
  • Faster game play
  • Faster access to open seats

It might take a few rounds to get used to the electronic betting and table functions but once you’re up to speed it’s very simple and easy to manage. No fumbling with your chips or trying to sort out how much you’re up or down as all of the results of your betting results are managed electronically on screen for you. Live dealer Blackjack is for many the sweet spot between live casino play and online play.

Live Dealer Roulette Online

Another casino staple that you can commonly find in live casinos online is Roulette, and often in several different variations as well. So not just the classic American and European Roulette games but also Immersive Roulette, French Roulette, Golden Ball Roulette and more.

As with live dealer Blackjack your bets are placed electronically but all the action is still based on a live dealer spinning an actual roulette wheel rather than an electronic RNG spinning for you. The results are of course still entirely random either way but live casino roulette will certainly give you a much more vivid sense of “true” casino roulette.

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As each software provider has different templates for their live casino roulette the games may look different from site to site but they all operate on the same game principles of live roulette. Bets are paid out exactly the same as the live roulette version.

Given our experience it’s worth it to shop around for which live casino roulette software you like best. The HD Live Roulette is one of our judi bola online  favorites.