How to Read Soccer Betting Odds

How to Read Soccer Betting Odds and now that you understand what the different bet types are, let’s figure out how to read the odds and payouts.

How to Read Soccer Betting Odds

Odds are a key concept to understand because they show you:

  • The likelihood of each outcome
  • How much you will win depending on how much you wager

No matter the form of bet you want to make link alternatif depobos, you are going to see odds in front of each wagering option. In the US the most common style of odds is called American Odds but sometimes you’ll see fractional and decimal odds too. You can convert between them using our handy odds tool. If you’re betting online you can usually choose the kind of odds you want the site to use.

American Odds in Soccer

The odds will be posted as numbers preceded by a plus (+) or (-) and the numbers will start from around 100 and can stretch upwards into the thousands. Here are the key things to understand about American odds in soccer:

The plus sign shows you which team is the underdog and the number is how much profit you will win for every $100 you bet. The minus bandar slot terbesar shows you which team is the favorite and it’s the amount you must bet to win $100 in profit.

Let’s look at a 3-way money line bet on a game between Germany and Italy to show you how it works:

  • Italy +325
  • Germany -130
  • Draw +250
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Since this bet is in the 3-way category we know we can either bet on a team to win or a draw. The odds posted besides each express the payouts for a correct bet.

We can see Germany is favored because of the minus (-) in front of the 130. These odds tell us that a successful $130 bet on Germany will pay out $230. That’s $100 in profit and your original $130 bet. On the other hand, a $100 bet on Italy would pay $325 in profit and a $100 bet on a draw would pay $250 in profit.

It’s also important to understand that you don’t have to bet $100. American odds just use $100 base units to standardize the numbers. You can bet any amount you want within the sportsbook’s betting limits and the odds will tell you how much you’ll win.