How to make a Telkomsel Credit Deposit Poker

Poker credit deposits can only be made using a number with a Telkomsel provider. Apart from the three providers, it cannot be used to make deposits using credit. Did you know that the main requirement for making a deposit is to have a username and password.

If you don’t have a username and password to play online poker gambling, then create it immediately through the official website. Don’t be confused, the author will explain to you how to create a username and password.

Making a poker credit deposit is required to have a username and password. Every online poker gambling player must have a username and password. Want to know how to create a username and password? The following is the complete method:

Find a trusted poker gambling site
To create a username and password, the first step is to find a trusted online poker deposit pulsa telkomsel gambling site. How to find a trusted online poker gambling site is the same as looking for a needle in a haystack. It takes precision and also accuracy.

But there are characteristics that a trusted poker gambling site has, through their characteristics you will easily find a trusted poker gambling site. Among its characteristics are providing the best service unmitigated for 24 hours, many choices of gambling games ranging from card gambling to sports, professional agents and bookies and much more.

Visit the online poker gambling link that you like
After finding a poker gambling site that you like and trust, just go to the link. Before registering, first look for the registration guide menu. Where you will know how to register as well as be able to find out what data is needed when registering.

Open the registration menu
Usually the registration menu is located beside the registration guide menu. Open the registration menu and fill in all the blank fields that have been provided. The data that must be filled in during registration include the following:

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Password verification:



Account name:

Account number:

Phone number:


Referral code:

Validation code:

All the blank fields must be filled in except for the referral column where you are free to choose whether to fill in or not. If there are problems, then don’t hesitate to ask the operators of the online poker gambling sites that you like.

You will get the username and password via a message sent by the site operator. Now this is important, don’t forget, after receiving the username and password from the operator, immediately login and anti-password provided by the operator. Where this is to secure your account.

How to make a Telkomsel Credit Deposit Poker

Poker credit deposits can be made using Telkomsel and XL providers. For that, if you want to make a credit deposit, you should use the telephone number of one of these providers when creating a username and password. The ways to deposit Telkomsel poker provider credit are as follows:

Open the call menu on your cellphone or cellphone
After the call menu is open, then you can continue by typing * 858 * write the destination number * write the nominal amount of transfer #.
Press yes

How easy is it not to make a deposit transaction using credit? But so that your deposit doesn’t fail, don’t forget to pay attention to the following rules:

Make sure you have enough credit balance to make a credit deposit.
Don’t forget to confirm to customer service, especially asking about the certainty of the telephone number used by the agent at this time.
Send credit using the same provider as your destination agent number.
Please pay attention to all descriptions of the authors. Don’t have anything that you ignore. Enjoy reading and finding the online poker gambling site that you like.