How Does Live Soccer Betting Work

Live betting, as the name implies, is when punters get bets in after the game kicks off and the action is in full swing. This in-game style of betting on soccer is growing as fast in popularity as it is in complexity.

Thanks to the speed of the internet depobos the efforts put forth by sportsbooks to post as many live lines as possible, options for making in-game wagers are getting more common all the time.

How Does Live Soccer Betting Work

Once a game is underway, a sportsbook will offer an adjusted line (usually different from before the game) that corresponds to how the game is developing. The oddsmakers are watching the game and making adjustments, to be a winning live bettor, you should be doing the same.

Due to the fact that oddsmakers have less time to set accurate lines (compared to before a game) they are more prone mistakes. This opens the door to finding good value.

Here are some tips to think of when making live bets on soccer:

  • The two most important factors are how much time is left and whether or not there have been any goals. A goal in a soccer match changes everything because the managers have to adjust accordingly and decide if they want to change their formations to protect the lead if they are up or take more risk in order to score the tying goal if they’re situs judi slot terbaik.
  • Know the pre-game lines and compare them to the new ones posted during the game. This will show you not only the value changes from the new odds lines but also how the oddsmakers think the game is developing.
  • Make note of any bookings to key players or injuries.
  • What sort of attack and formation have the managers applied? Is it something unexpected or is it in line with their regular strategy?
  • What are the field and weather conditions? Is it impacting the players? Can this help you make informed live bets? Use all the information you can find to your advantage.
  • Live bets will have all of the usual types but aside from those standard bets, there will be several different forms of in-game wagers offered. Different sites have a variety of live betting options.
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Popular live soccer bets include:

  • First team to score
  • Total number of goals
  • Precise score at half
  • Precise score at full time
  • Score at half (if live bet is in first 45 minutes)
  • Double chance bets (as explained above)
  • Will there be a goal in the half?
  • Next team to earn a corner
  • Will there be a booking in the half?
  • Total number of shots on goal (for a specific team)