Game play follows along exactly

The idea of a live casino online would have been ludicrous even 10 years ago but thanks to the proliferation of lightning fast wireless technology, home computers and high-tech mobile smartphones, it’s now one of the most popular “live” casino experiences in the world.

So what exactly is a live casino online? Well, think about being at a live casino with the clanging bells of the casino floor fontana99 in the background and a line of table games with dealers at the ready. Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Pai Gow, Craps. all your favorite games are there with open seats ready for you to sit down at. Only you don’t ever physically sit in them.

The Live Casino online setup is very much live in almost every sense of the word except you don’t actually set foot in the casino. From the comfort of your home you can pick a table, seat and dealer of your choice and virtually sit down and have a go. Everything you see on the screen is happening live with a real dealer only you’re placing your bets and raking in your pots in virtual form on the judi slot online.

Game play follows along exactly

Game play follows along exactly does at the casino only you can communicate with the dealer via chat instead. It’s truly the best of both worlds. You get the physical presence of a dealer and casino, the social interaction of having a real person running the game and the speed and efficiency of an online casino.

Even better:

  • Table stakes are much lower than at a live casino
  • No commission tables are also available meaning no tips are required

As an added benefit for those who aren’t entirely convinced of the security of a strictly online casino, live dealer games help show the true integrity of the games.

Live casino games with real dealers are typically shot by multiple HD web cams that stream the action directly to remote players. In fact the games are even shot with several different camera angles to show all of the essential elements of the game and the dealer’s actions.

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The dealer also has an interactive screen on the side of the table to interact with players in the chat and enter the betting/game results. Want to give it a try? Read on for more information on what live casino games you can play online or click on the Play Now link above to get started with an exclusive bonus for play at the tables.

As you can see you’ll be watching a hi-definition (in most cases) video feed of an actual casino dealer running the game at an actual casino table. All of your interactions with the dealer are in real time but managed through your live casino app or software. Online live casino software will even detect your connection speed and adjust the stream quality automatically so the game runs smoothly.

Your bets are placed electronically via your own computer but the action happens live on the table facilitated by the live casino dealer. Your wins/losses are processed in your online casino account after you leave the table.

Multiple players can “sit” at each live casino table and you may chat with other players and the dealer via the chat tool. You’ll certainly be able to interact with the dealer and make sure all of your bets are placed properly and any questions you have are answered.

Given how good live casino software and technology has now become, it will really feel like the next best thing to being there. Or, for some, even better. If you’re not a big believer in the randomness of computerized RNGs the comfort of the live dealer running the game right in front of you should help assuage any fears as well.