Finding Progressive Slot Jackpots Online

Often, a progressive jackpot that hasn’t been won in a long time will attract the attention of lots of players. It’s not uncommon for jackpots to increase faster the longer they go unclaimed. The biggest progressive jackpot was won by an anonymous Android mobile device player, who staked 75 cents on Mega Moolah and less than 50 spins later had landed the jackpot of £22.3 million in September 2018.

Mega Moolah had been responsible for the previous record too, landed by UK-based soldier Jon Heywood, who in October 2015 turned 33 cents into £21.1 million, earning the progressive jackpot game a Guinness World Record title for “Largest jackpot payout in an online slot deposit pulsa machine game.” Previously the record payout was owned by an anonymous Finn, who netted an astonishing £20.5 million on Mega Fortune.

But online progressive jackpot payouts still fall way below those seen in land-based casinos. In 2003, a young software engineer won a staggering £39.7 million playing IGT’s Megabucks slot at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. Incredibly, the game’s jackpot seeds at £10 million. Even more astounding, however, was that the lucky slots player only spent £3 on his spin.

Finding Progressive Slot Jackpots Online

Most online casinos organise their slots by type. For example, a casino might feature a separate “Jackpot Slots” tab where you’ll find all progressive jackpot slots in one place.

Virtually all casinos will display the current jackpot meter for eligible games in their lobby. It’s easy to view what games have the biggest jackpots at any time. You can also view a list of big winners on the casino that day.

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  • Types of Progressive Jackpots

In a casino, you will usually find three types of progressive jackpots. The jackpot sizes can vary depending on how many players contribute, and how many different machines are linked up.

  • Standalone Jackpots

A standalone progressive jackpot is reserved to just one machine in the casino. It’s not linked to other slot machines and doesn’t form part of a wider network.

  • Local Jackpots

Local jackpots, or “in-house” jackpots, are grouped together between multiple machines in one land based casino setting. The machines might be connected together in one bank or they may be spread across the casino floor. At an online casino, a local jackpot might be linked across four or five different games. Some local jackpots are also spread across multiple machines in casinos that are owned by the same operator.

  • Network Progressive Slots

Network progressives offer the largest jackpots. They are also known as “wide-area” progressives and are linked across multiple casinos. In fact, the same wide-area jackpot may be offered across different brands of slot. However, qualifying bets all feed into the same big jackpot. The chances of winning a network jackpot are small, but the prizes can be huge.