Chinese Nationals Deported for Running Online Gambling Service

Vietnam police have busted an illegal gambling ring recently, resulting in the deportation of 35 Chinese operators which includes four women. In the city of Da Nang, six properties were raided after receiving tip-offs. During the operation, an unspecified amount of local working staff was also arrested in the joints.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that they are part of agen sbobet huge gambling ring; however, they declined to explain and identify further. Additionally, they claimed that they were instructed to erect an online gambling ring in South East Asia with their primary objective of not being detected by the Chinese police and regulators.

Chinese Nationals Deported for Running Online Gambling Service

But these Chinese illegal online gambling operators have failed to uphold their objective as the police transported them to the Chinese police at Mong Cai border, the Vietnam-China border.

Their deportation was not the first as the Vietnamese forced had also busted another illegal online gambling operation at Thanh Hoa province with a total of nine arrests made. The bust at Thanh Hoa was a rather complicated operation as patrons at the premise used their own hard cold cash to buy virtual credits for use at its web-based casinos.

Further investigations have revealed that a huge amount of transactions were executed which transpired to be USD170 million. The authorities have already frozen USD256,000 from the suspects’ bank accounts who are believed to be involved in the scheme. Few months ago in April, the police raided another illicit online casino group that was reported to have generated a staggering amount of over USD1 billion.


The crackdown operation resulted in 22 arrests

Despite all of these hard operations, the country’s stance on casino activities has been quite lenient over the years. A few casinos are located in the country and are still operating today. Online casinos, however, is still a big no-no. It was only a few years ago when Vietnamese citizens are now allowed to enter the casinos in their own country. The standard rules still apply as they must show their agen casino online terbaik card to prove that they are 21 years old and above.

Another interesting news is that sports betting were legalized in the same year. Corona Casino, Phy Quoc Island, is the only Vietnamese casino open to locals, featuring 1,000 slot machines and 100 table games. Vietnam is still relatively small when it comes to casino gaming but the potential lies within the tourism industry. It was recorded that the country generated revenue of USD26.75 billion last year in with more than 15.5 million tourists recorded visiting the country.