Asian Handicap Betting Online Football

Asian handicap, often posted as AH on sportsbooks, is a form of betting that is similar to point spread betting in the sense that it’s designed to level the playing field between a more skilled team and a less skilled team. Just like point spreads, it gives an advantage to the underdog while handicapping the favorite.

One of the main characteristics of agen sbobet Asian Handicap betting is that it eliminates pushed bets from draw results. So instead of having three possible outcomes (which is 3-way moneyling: 1×2 betting), this market only has wins and losses.

Asian Handicap Betting Online Football

What famously distinguishing Asian handicapping from regular point spread markets is the addition of 1/4 goals to go along with the standard 1/2 goal. We have seen before that 0.5 goal margin is used to eliminate tie bets but the 1/4 goal opens up even more possibilities.

Essentially it breaks every bet up into two separate wagers with separate point spreads.

Let’s look at some examples. These lines might look confusing at first but they’re easy to understand once you learn the basics. Assume all of the below examples pay -110 to both judi slot online terpercaya. We’ll focus more on how the bets work as opposed to the odds and payouts.

Asian Handicap 0.25

Brazil vs Portugal AH – 0:1/4

  • In this example, we know that Portugal is the underdog based on their side having the 1/4 goal advantage. If Brazil were underdog it would be written as 1/4:0
  • Let’s say you bet $100 on the favorites Brazil to win -1/4 AH. This means that half your bet ($50) is on them with a -0.5 line and the other $50 of your bet is on them with a 0.0 line.
  • If Brazil wins the game you win on both bets.
  • If the game ends in a draw your -0.5 side loses and your 0.0 side is a push. You get $50 refunded.
  • If Portugal wins you lose both bets.
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Asian Handicap 0.5

With half goal differentials in AH, we can just think of the ticket working in the same way as point spread betting. Since we are already familiar with how that works, let’s skip to 3/4 AH bets

Asian Handicap 0.75

Just as we saw with 1/4 AH betting, your ticket is split into two possibilities. The only difference this time is the ticket will be from 0.5 to 1.0 whereas with 1/4 went from 0.0 to 0.5.