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Agen Sbobet Asia reported that Riyad Mahrez proved himself to be a proper wingers for Manchester City

Riyad Mahrez helped Manchester City defend the Premier League title and proved how valuable a wing position is in the modern game.

English Premier League title-winning Manchester City’s season has ended perfectly by a superb display on the wing. City retained the title after beating Brighton 4-1 on Sunday to end a campaign that started with a 2-0 win at Arsenal.

On both occasions, manager Pep Guardiola showed off his £ 60 million summer import Riyad Mahrez. The former Leicester City winger hasn’t had a big hit, but he ended Sunday with goals and assists, contributing.

These contributions reaffirm the value of the wing, even in the modern era of gaming. The classic, chalky winger has become a rarity while the centrist planners dominate the sport.

Even so, Guardiola is never afraid to reach into the past to refresh his team. He did so when he signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the traditional target up front, for Barcelona in 2009.

Ibrahimovic has not proved major success in a team built to run despite the little technicians of Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi. In fact, Guardiola’s Mahrez experiment is a similar bag mix.

Yet it speaks volumes for Guardiola’s return to the Algeria international when City must win to fend off Liverpool at the end of an intense title race.

It hardly looked like an inspired move from the start when Mahrez’s wide stance and his own improvement broke the symmetry of City’s pass-and-move movement.

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Mahrez may look out of place in open play, but his crossover proves to be lethal from set piece situations. The 26-year-old’s corner fell perfectly for Aymeric Laporte to take a 2-1 lead, City’s first of the day after Sergio Aguero Agen Casino Terpercaya Glenn Murray’s opener.

Nothing better came from Mahrez, who made a goal of missing a concluding header when he slammed in 63 minutes.

The aim is typical of Mahrez: Dodge off the wing and get the ball into shooting position. It’s the kind of sudden inspiration this vivacious talent can provide.

Dancing, dribbling and gliding towards decisive contributions is the journey of most of the wings. Possession may be desperately lost at the end of four of the five rounds, but the best players, and Mahrez among them, count for five.

That number is number one, revealing why the wings remain so important.

Today’s game is all about dominating possession and denying time and space the moment it gets out of it. The former can lead to predictable, sideways passes when the team finds the opponent’s form too difficult to knock down.

Stretching the defensive block beyond the white dot is not easy when there is no room to pass between the lines. Teams that are faced with many players occupying deep positions need an alternative, one player who can accept and beat many of its guards.